The whole medical cycle makes it a natural occurence for you to question your own self-worth, ability, patience, character.... Should I have taken a gap year? Should I do my UKCAT this late? Wouldn't it have been better and more worthwhile if I went to university along with my friends, did a worthwhile course and then if I still wanted to, go grad-entry for medicine? Would I even be a good doctor? Even now, when I get in touch with friends and hear all about their brand-new-life, I am panged with jealousy. That should have, would have, could have been me.

I did my UKCAT. And then I remembered why I made the correct decision all this time. 

This year, I have AAAa achieved at A-level. 
702.5 in the UKCAT, and SJT band 1. I have had some of the best experience you can get (despite how much I bitch about it) working as a HCA.

I am spoilt for choice.

Last year this time, I was looking at: ABCC at AS. 
627.5 on the UKCAT = really limited number of places for me to apply and even then, the likelihood of me getting an interview was minimal.

Reapplying might just be the best thing I ever decided to do. At least now I can say I gave it a real good shot, made the best application that I possibly could and if it goes tits up, fuck it - I have a great 5th choice to attend.

Pat on the back for me for making a great life choice.


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