Keep Calm and Plan On

Whenever feeling anxious, upset or generally crappy - plan. I love planning, it gives me a focus. You'll have noticed from my last post that I am getting a bit fed up at work... so I have been planning the rest of my gap year.

This is the plan:
1. I move to the big ass hospital which is much closer to home in November. This means I need to hand in my resignation at the medium size - 2 and a half hour journey away hospital by the end of this month. This will hopefully mean that I enjoy work a bit more, because I won't be dreading the travelling to and from work and the days will be significantly shorter.
2. I have booked lots of annual leave off in October (bit cheeky to do so when I'm leaving so soon I know!) so will hopefully have passed my practical driving test and will be driving around visiting friends as they settle into Uni.
3. I begin saving for my travelling plans with I am thinking I will go to Sri Lanka and volunteer for 4 weeks, do the same in Thailand but also backpack around for a couple of weeks there too. Thinking about it though, it might not be a bad idea just to volunteer and travel in Thailand, skip the Sri Lanka bit and use that money to do even more travelling...hmm. Decisions.
4. By January I quit working as a HCA all together. I will have done my time, I will start looking at other jobs which involve more sitting down and drinking tea. I will take it easy, it may be the last chance I get too - I only intend on taking a gap year once!
5.  By April / May fly out and start my travel plans.
6. Return back home in Augustish.

Either way, I just need this little time to fly by. Particularly the UKCAT and applying bit!

Got a long day (0730-2000) tomorrow. Best get some rest!