Driving, mundane job, UKCAT planning

I just passed my theory driving test (woo!) and I cannot wait to pass my practical. It's taking the piss really now, i've spent a fortune trying to just-get-it-done, but it's not happening. Patience, hargh.

Not being able to drive means I'm still spending 2 hours each way to get to and from the really-far-away-hospital job. This is getting exhausting. I've been doing it for about 6 weeks now, and I really don't know if I can muster up the strength to do it for much longer. I'm taking an occupational health appointment for a really-close-hospital on Monday, so hopefully as soon as that's in the all clear I'll move hospitals. Quite frankly, I cannot go on getting up at 0430 and coming home at 2200 when my shift is 0730-2000.

As well as the travelling, the job is also getting quite draining. Part of it is the 0730-2000 shifts I'm doing. The "Early" shifts (0730-1400) fly by, and I really quite like them. In the end, this isn't the job I want do for the rest of my life, I find it frustrating not using my brain, not doing more, sometimes being so bored because it can get a bit mundane: wipe bum, give sick bowl, wipe bum, feed cute old lady, mop up wee, avoid being shouted at by angry patient relative, wipe bum.

I have my first couple of night shifts this week. I think I'll hate them. They're boring as hell I've heard, ruins your whole week, and you don't really get a day off because you can't really class a day where you finish at 8am as a day off, it's more of a get-my-shit-together-and-sleep day. Still, will update you on how that goes.

I really should be going hard with my UKCAT, which I WILL START DOING from now - it's exactly a month till my test date. The plan is this:

1. Spend a couple of hours / day on average on Medify for the first 2 weeks.
2. Take KAPLAN course, at end of week 2.
3. Do the whole of the 600Q book during week 3.
4. Mix it up as much as possible using Medify and other online resources by week 4
5. Complete relevant mock tests.

There, it's out there, published, I will now stop procrastinating.