2 months in

My UKCAT is booked for next Thursday. I am feeling very anxious about it despite my KAPLAN course. The KAPLAN course is a rip off, there is no denying it. But if your like me, you just don't care as long as you can get whatever information you can... I just hope I get above the 650 mark, and if I get above the 700 mark well, blow me I'd be over the moon.

This was the week I had the horrendous set of shifts and today I was feeling so rough I abandoned work all together mid-shift.I am booked to work till Friday. I am weighing up whether or not to call in sick tomorrow. On one hand I am only on an "Early" 0700-1400, which doesn't happen very often. On the other hand, I am exhausted. I really need some time to get myself together, and I'd rather not have to do that later on this week when I'm trying to prepare for the UKCAT.

I also handed in my notice and to my surprise, my line manager was so nice about it. He said he thought this might happen, that the travelling would kill me and if only i'd been able to pass my driving test sooner. I was a bit smug though beforehand, having booked 3 weeks of annual leave off well in advance - little did I know, that my handing in my notice so soon that I hadn't worked long enough to even earn that much paid leave. I guess I'll just pay some of it back.

I now have a secret weapon. I have a fantastic 5th choice course at a top university. So even if I don't get into medical school, it will no longer be the end of the world. I did spend a long time and indeed the whole of my last application convinced that it would be. But I will just be so happy to do my 5th choice now, that I'm not so bothered any more.
If I get in, wowzers, brilliant, fantastic, it's all paid off, a dream come true! If I don't, thank god, maybe it's a blessing in disguise, I am going to have so much fun, I'll consider grad but I'll still have so many options open to me at the end of it. I am so over it.
This new mindset will be so much healthier for me. I no-longer feel tied down to any job because it will "help" my application and actually for once, I'll just do what I like. I am going to move to the hospital closer and if it's shit, I'll cut my hours. By Jan I'll definitely be looking for other easier / more boring jobs. If that becomes the reason I don't get into medical school - screw it, I will be over the moon to go to my 5th course.



  1. good luck, my ukcat is next wednesday, your posts remind me of the hard times being a HCA. i finally did my time too! what is your fifth choice? I still have my whole application to do after the ukcat!!


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