Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Induction

So these past couple of days I have completed my induction at the hospital I'll be working at for the next month or so. It was quite boring yesterday, you basically have various people talking at you, infection control, safeguarding, trips and falls, health and safety, fire safety, record keeping - one after the other after the other. Don't get me wrong, it was all vital stuff, but there is no chance I'm going to remember any more than 5% of what they've said. Plus, as this hospital is quite far, getting up early and home late made me quite tired so I was definitely fighting my eyes to stay open...

Today was a bit more interesting. CPR, manual handling, the like. They were great experienced people giving the presentations and they had some pretty interesting things to say, it's just a shame that they were just one in a long line of other talkers, in a hot stuffy room, and their voices were the quietest and most soothing voices I have ever heard...

I had been waiting for my occupational health to come back before I could start work, and this was taking the piss really. I popped in to see my manager anyway since I hadn't seen him since he gave me the job, and we did the final bit of paperwork. Then what do you know, I get a call yesterday evening, and he has my OH back! He puts my first shift in for TOMORROW. Its a long shift too, 0730-2000. I am more anxious than anything, there is so much I need to know and I find it really frustrating when I want to put my all into something but my job is made more difficult just by not knowing where things are, who's who, the protocol for some things.

Because this job is so far away (by public transport - it's only 25 minutes by car) I will have to get up at about 0430 so I can leave the house by 0500 at the latest. Scared isn't even the word. I can almost guarantee I will start sleeping through my alarms too! More this week.

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