The Heeeeeaaaat

I cannot cope with the heat. Nothing is appealing about having sun rays shine down onto my bare skin, sweating oozing out of every pore, my hair looking greasy, and never being able to get a good nights sleep. It's so much harder to exercise too - that has pretty much stopped.

I am dealing with the stresses of paperwork for these HCA jobs - it's so daunting, but must be done :S Making sure my references are sent off, getting my CRB done - trying to find valid evidence as a proof of address (When your 17/18 have no mortgages or bills and all your bank statements are online which they don't even let you print off as evidence, this can be such a pain in the arse).

My induction is about a fortnight away, so I'm sort of looking forward to it I guess.

In other news, I have been using the money I have been saving from working at my local sports ground to pay for driving lessons. I had my first one today, I was so excited. I got this guy as a recommendation from a friend, and I love him because he doesn't faff around. Straight into the deep end, I was doing 4th gear, emerging, t-junctions, roundabouts...!!! He is expensive though, I'm not sure I'm getting enough shifts to keep on paying for it :s Hopefully, by the time I reach the end of July, I can be paid for doing a few shifts at the end of the month which will keep my driving lessons ticking over, and then by end of August's pay check - just blast the lessons and pass to get my caaar!!

Other than that, it has been quiet! Lots of Kim Kardashian episodes keeping me entertained.... waiting for the mega bored to kick in.