Feedback from Keele...FINALLY

So yesterday I did another shift at the sports ground. Today, it's not even half two in the afternoon, and I am wondering what an earth I did before I began work at the hospital for all of these hours. I honestly don't know - I wouldn't say i'm bored, just confused. Suddenly I have some time on my hands, and I'm not sure what I used to do with it!

Anyway following my pre-interview rejection from Keele, I asked for feedback way back in April, and they've only just gotten back to me. Apparently this was the farce:
Feedback form on my personal statement
I disagree with many of them, namely a, d, h, and i. I can't really argue too much on the others like g and j, but nevertheless I am confident that I should have been on max points for those mentioned. It's frustrating because personal statements are so subjective, and are always risky university choices. Ah well. Once this application cycle has finished I will upload the statements for all to read and hope none of you are stupid enough to copy them and get caught out by the UCAS statement checker thing.