Sunday, 9 June 2013


So my exam timetable went like this:

Monday 13th May: RS resit AM, M1 Maths PM
Week 2: Nothing.
Week 3: Nothing.
Week 4: Nothing.
Week 5: Nothing.
Week 6: Monday: Biol5, Tuesday: C4 Maths, Wednesday: Chem5

We are currently at the end of week 4. With just a week till the 3 biggest exams of my life arrive to completely screw me over and release my paranoid - ever worried self, I am at the peak point of my stress. It's not that I don't feel prepared, I definitely do, but sometimes that's still not enough, and I've felt prepared before and completely messed exams up!

This is going to be the hardest revision week of my life. Better get to it!

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