Lovin' Life 2K13

I was worried that I might feel real gutted (in a weird sort of way) when A-levels finished, that I might be so at loss at what to do, and feel a bit crappy but actually I feel great.

If your not watching it, watch The Newsroom (I think Sky Atlantic have it in the UK) - its by HBO, written by one of the guys from The Social Network, and Aaron Sorkin (THE WEST WING!!!!) - I have literally downloaded the whole season, and I love it.

I have been working shifts at my local sports ground - it's ACE. When there are big matches on or stuff, I just serve beer, work behind the bar, chill out with the other barmen, get talking to the punters, it's all fun. Quite often if I finish before the game has, I can walk straight into some fantastic seats flashing my badge (which doesn't actually permit me to do this) and have a dandy old time. It was actually the first time I ever saw sports live -  it was a huge match and the vibe was just brilliant.

And now, the big news. My previous post, you heard me mention I had an interview yesterday for my local hospital, the big ass, brand new, Level 1 Trauma Centre hospital (lets call it hospital L). I got the job.
Yes, yes, I was already given a job for a hospital much further away (let's call it hospital F), and yes I did take it, and yes I am due to have my induction in a months time. But hospital L was just so perfect, and I thought I'd just go to the interview and see what happens anyway. Hospital L won't start till October though, which makes me think - I hope it's OK if I start hospital F for a couple of months, then be all, "Sorry, the travelling is just too much.." and move to hospital L. It makes me look like a complete arse I know. Am I a complete arse?

A note to anyone else going for HCA interviews: research their values and vision. It was a mistake I'd made before, and luckily just before I skipped out the house I quickly googled it, and emailed it to my phone, so that I could have a read on the bus. Lo' and behold, it was the first question they asked.