Mixed emotions to be honest.

The BIOL5 paper was hard. There was so much how science works, I basically seemed to be doing an a-level in graphology. It wasn't fair at all on testing the knowledge I'd gained from the actual unit, as only 2 out of 12 topics came up! The essay at the end wasn't too bad. Overall, I think it was a mess in terms of structure, I was just throwing it all in willy nilly (love that expression) but I hope I've put in enough scientific content and breadth of topics to hit 15+ on it. This could be the paper that brings me to AAB.

C4 was an absolute delight. I messed up on the implicit differentiation question (4 marks lost) Note: when something is parallel to the y - axis, the gradient cannot equal 0, but = infinity. Hence the bottom half of your dy/dx should = 0!! But I think I've done really well on it, and cancelled out the disaster that M1 was.

CHEM5 was a disaster. Having not needed to retake anything this summer, this meant that I'd completely forgotten that there was a slim chance I'd need to recall equations from the AS units. This is exactly what happened. Overall, I think I got a B/C which is only upsetting because I didn't get the A* overall :(.

Last night, I cleared out all my a-level folders, and got rid of the mountain (literally, it required 6 trips to carry it all in a washing basket) of paper in my room. So now my shelves actually symbolises my very life at this current moment; huge empty holes, but no idea what to fill it with it.

I was asked to start an induction for my HCA job this coming Monday, but I turned it down, and said I would do it at the end of July instead. I have actually got another interview for a hospital much closer to home, (it's a leading trauma centre of the country) and if I get that job...it would make my life so much easier. It takes about 25 minutes on 1 bus, that stops on my very road! It's actually perfect but this would mean having to back out of the other job, which I would hate to do, but I didn't want to risk being left with no job.

So for now, I think I'm just going to try and go to the gym all the time, actually read books which aren't some type of textbook, and download loads of TV series to watch. A-levels, are over.