Year 4 Week 1

I can't remember the last time I felt this shattered.

I get up at 6am, I train (75 minutes weight training), I walk to placement to get there for 9am (40 minutes), I walk back (40 minutes), I eat, I study, I sleep. Rinse and repeat. There's not enough hours in the day. I've had my tired eye twitch all week.

I'm finding it more difficult than I thought having an additional friend stay with us. I'm going to bed later, I'm having to be switched "on" a lot more... she works full time, she doesn't get my whole training and diet or I-really-just-need-to-study-thing. I'm really, really looking forward to being on my own this evening. I really, really value my peace and quiet and at the moment, i'm not getting any. Not before i go to bed, not when I walk through the door, not all day when i'm a headless chicken on i'm quite excited how i've got my evening all planned out.

Today, as I had such an early start, I didn't have time to train before clinic. I was planning on doing it at some point today, but actually as i'm typing this, I think I might leave it till tomorrow morning. I'll keep in my routine of 6am starts, get an early night post-long-bath-soak, may be watch Trust Me in the bath too (oh my god, i've not watched television since Love Island). I need to laundry, clean the flat, have an admin morning when I arrange my whole week ahead. I know, I know, I KNOW, everyone always hammers on about this and every year I'm like, fuck, YES, FUCK WE GET IT. And that's the constant drilling of 'time management' into us, but I swear to God, the only way I can actually get through the week at this rate is if I have every hour of my life scheduled into my diary. I feel like this sounds really fucking boring and I suppose it is, but I am happy. I am busy. I am doing things I love. I don't care if it sounds boring.

I have started on Rheumatology and Orthopaedics for 4 weeks. Basically, I'm sitting in a lot of clinics wondering what in gods name the disease they are talking about is, or watching hip and knee replacements. So far, so fun.