Well this is intense

Another very busy week for me. I am scheduling private study very intensely around university commitments. Rheumatology is freakin nuts, there are so many possible diagnosis' all with overlapping symptoms and signs that actually nailing a diagnosis is fucking hard!

It's also come to my attention that as I failed the last progress test, if I fail the next one, I will be kicked out of medical school. So if I wasn't stressed, under pressure, or seriously fucking worried before, I am now.

Found the day case centre for Rheumatology this week where patients with chronic conditions perhaps having a flare up or whatever come in and have some treatment. It's really really good for getting histories and I so wish I had found it sooner. Also met the rheum reg's who are really keen on teaching - it's always that as you just begin to find your feet you know you'll have to up and leave again which is so annoying!!

Bit behind on my learning of examinations if we are to follow the schedule I posted last... also seriously just want a list from my medical school of the examinations that we need to know because right now everything is a bit wishy-washy. AKA - do i need to know an elbow examination YAY OR NAY.

Flatmate: are you ok
Me pouring gasoline on myself: yea y