Looking back at the OSCE's which were the real source of my heartache feedback this year was welcomingly more detailed! I have left out the average score of the cohort and my percentage in the interests of privacy but i'm pleased the medical school provided us with them. 

Station 1: Anatomy 
Predicted: Fail
Actual: Fail

Station 2: Anatomy
Predicted: Fail
Actual: Fail

Station 3: Opthalmoscopy / Otoscopy
Predicted: PASS
Boundary: 69.2% 
My score: PASS

Well above average here! In fact the only place in this station I got less than 100% was the use of the ophthalascope because I spent so long faffing around with which one is the right light!

Station 4: BP and Pulses
Predicted: PASS
Boundary: 68.4% 
My score: PASS

Interesting that I was so confident with this at the time but did about averagely. Marks lost here was doing the actual BP by palpitation and auscultation.

Station 5: Cranial Nerves
Predicted: PASS
Boundary: 69.2% Mean: 86.54%
My score: PASS

This was so on the boundary it was scary. I'm not really sure why I happened to do so much worse on this then I thought! If it was done to 0.1 decimal place, I would have failed! That's how close it was but i'm not really even sure why...

Station 6: Drugs
Predicted: Fail
Boundary: 72.7%
My Score: PASS

Again, literally scraped through this one. Despite doing the calculation in under a minute, I panicked and screwed it up when it came to do actually doing the drug preparation..

Station 7: CPR:
Predicted: 50/50
Boundary: 83.3% 
My score: PASS

Nicely above the boundary, did averagely over all though. Only marks were lost in expired resuscitation which I know I had trouble getting.

Station 8: Communication
Predicted: Pass
Boundary: 56% 
Actual: Pass

This is interesting because while  I was well above the boundary, I was well below average. This makes me quite uncomfortable in the knowledge that my most confident station isn't actually that great... Lost lots of marks in every part of it

Station 9: Integrated tendon reflexes and communciation
Predicted: Pass
Boundary:  60.0% Mean: 78.48%
Actual: Pass

I did manage to get the reflexes and my communication part score was much higher than average - bizarre that my actual communication station went so badly...

Station 10: More anatomy. Of the leg. EMG
Predicted: My worst station with a solid fail
Boundary: 60.0% Mean: 65.95%
Actual: Failed. Hard. No-where even close to the boundary.

Guess what I won't be doing this term? Trying to do my anatomy every week. It would appear that giving anatomy 0 hours (think, my semester 2 anatomy OSCE) or giving anatomy all the hours god sends (this semester) makes no actual difference to my exam performance, when it really counts. It has also transpired that you can actually get through medical school knowing the very very bare minimum of anatomy.... surely that's worrying. 

Looking at my OSCE as a whole, my introduction to patient and patient communication - global score, was always 100% in any station it was assessed - despite this, the actual communication station I didn't do so great on... hmmm

Either way I was just so utterly relieved and pleased to have passed what I can only describe as the most challenging and academically draining semester I've ever had to deal with and will have to deal with for a while! No more anatomy OSCE's!!!!!!!!

Semester 4 is actually really boring but i'm going to try and stay and top of it and not let myself slide too much as apparently people fail the Semester 4 a lot more often than Semester 3! I have partied hard and gone absolutely wild with celebreations since exams ended and despite the fact that I have gotten really quite ill overnight, nothing is gonna put a downer on how relieved I am to have passed!