End of Exams

So on Thursday we had these new exams being introduced to Year 2 students: "integrated osce's". The idea being that from year 3 onwards we are expected to perform osce's in a "whole picture" way, so communication, examination and knowledge of what's going on would be examined all together. In a way to make it more "realistic" of the real world.

Great idea in theory.

There were two "integrated" stations this time. 8 minutes each. Buzzer went off at 8 minutes.

Let me start by saying my exam time was early morning. Exams were being held from 0845 to 1630. We were going in blind, no idea what the stations would be assessing - there was no official announcement the night before making it even more unfair for the people who had their exams first. Everyone from about 11am however, had plenty of notice to find out what the OSCE's were on and how to prepare for them.  This was bullshit.

So, I'm walking into my building, I realise the first group that started about an hour earlier were only just leaving. "IT'S TENDON REFLEXES, EMG AND ANATOMY OF THE LEG" says someone grabbing me on the way out.

"Anatomy of the leg?! But I've literally just done a station on the anatomy of the leg, failed, cried and left on Tuesday?!" I think.

"Shit." My group all sat and thought in the exam registration room.

As we walked into the first station, I did my best to complete communication, the relevant reflexes and answer the examiners question. Had I not just been told it was tendon reflexes, do you think I would have looked up specifically what the nerve roots were of the leg 2 minutes before?

Had I had my exam half an hour later, I would have also had time to look up how an earth to actually do an EMG, and reviewed the major nerves of the leg - and had I had my exam a few hours later, I would have actually done my anatomy of the leg as it turns out i'm shocking at it despite being ON IT during the term.

The second station was pure bollocks. You may recall from my last post that I absolutely bombed the station on the leg and I had a really painfully slow examiner for my other station. Well this time they combined the two and gave me the same shitty and painfully slow examiner and also the leg. Again. same questions pretty much. It was like deja vu walking out of there, sobbing in the hall way only this time I was physically stopped by staff and taken to get a cup of tea.

I am so over this.