Oh Oh Oh To Touch And Feel Virgin Girls' Vaginas And Hymen

To those of you familiar with cranial nerves, I am sure you will also be be familiar with the pneumonic above as well as the painstaking soul crushing hours one must put in to get even a vague understanding of the brain. If you aren't all that familiar, then the title of this post makes me look like a right weirdo but I promise you it's a real pneumonic!

I don't know whether it is just this week or whether it's been the whole term (I can't remember one week from the next at the moment it's all blurring into one) but I am working so full on. And I don't mean like, always at university, having to do work every evening; I mean like full-on-revision-schedule-6-minimum-hours-of-studying-a-day-full-on. Has it always been like this and I've just done the bare minimum of work previously? But now I've opened up my eyes, finally have a grasp of what I need to do and now I'm just doing what everyone else was doing last year? Or is it a whole new Sem 3 thing?

It's gotten to the point now where I am having to plan out any free time I have to try to squeeze in some study time. I feel like it's so go-go-go at the moment. The most frustrating thing is I never feel like I manage to finish a single PBL case. I get close sometimes but then BAM, new case opens. I really wonder whether all this work I'm putting in will be reflected in the upcoming exams or whether I'll be getting the same scraping-through marks I got last year...

From my previous posts you may have gathered that things were getting tough at home financially. Well now, I have been offered a job at waitrose. I am anxious to hear what my contracted hours are; I certainly won't be doing anything to do the detriment of my degree but I have been finding it stressful trying to scrimp every week. I must be careful though; will I find it even more stressful trying to balance a job and studying?

I was very honest from the beginning with them and said I would only do a maximum of 12 hours / week. Bearing in mind I have Wednesdays off, I figured this would be reasonable. And even though I am trying to squeeze in study time at every opportunity I have to breathe I am hoping that working might allow me to have something other than the mania of keeping up with the course. Something else to take my mind off of it all, since I've sacked off all of my societies.

Anyway, enough of this, I've got to get back to the grind.