OSCE 2 and Semester 2


Part A
The second day of OSCE's included 2 anatomy stations and 2 communication stations.

The anatomy stations involved being quizzed on by an anatomy demonstrator from a list of questions you'd randomly pick and would include things like "Find x", "Name and locate y," and "What are the borders of Z?"

There is not a great deal to report here. You either know the answers or you don't. The pressure of time makes you shit bags too, but the adrenaline is pumping and somehow you manage not to just collapse and drop dead from the panic (not to be dramatic or anything).

It's important to note that I knew those anatomy flashcards inside out. I totally had it. However the minute the demonstrator asked me to find x on the real thing, I really really struggled. I wish I had paid more attention and made greater use out of anatomy sessions.

I thought both stations went dreadfully. I recall my first demonstrator repeating the same instruction 3 times when I just stood there looking about as useful as balls on a dildo with my my mouth hanging open. When I finally pointed to something vaguely and went "yeah there", he laughed. Just like a little chuckle to himself at my own stupidity.

The next station was just as dreadful. There were numerous questions I said i'd "I'd just come back to," and when I did get that opportunity, just had to take a wild guess at best. This didn't fill me with confidence for the next two stations.

Part B
I can't remember for the life of me what my scenerios were other than I was sure that if I just kept my cool, I would be fine. I think I've mentioned before how much I really enjoy the communication sessions we have and how working as a HCA has really benefited me in that sense. As far as I was concerned, I should have smashed these two.

Semester 2 Test

This is the test that questions every aspect of your medical learning that you have been taught that semester. Histology, pharmacology, anatomy, biochemistry - the lot, 125 multiple choice questions, go.

The exam was 2.5 hours. I had done everything I could have and guessed (the letter C, always) the rest in 1 hour. I was the first to leave.

I'd have been lucky to get 20% in that exam. I had completely flunked, knew that I'd seen the material, read it, covered it, but didn't know it. I hadn't memorised it. This was all going terribly.