Friday, 19 June 2015


I got a letter from my mitigation board first. They had accepted my application for mitigation for my Semester 2 exam. This was confusing, why hadn't they given me mitigation for my other exams? It turns out, it was because I'd somehow passed them.

The next e-mail came through, breakdown of scores, boundaries. A pass was 53%. I got 52%. Fortunately the breakdown of the results available later that day highlighted my weak points perfectly. Namely, anatomy and pharmacology and they made the bulk of the questions. Fair enough, I could barely remember the name of a single drug. I didn't deserve to pass and I didn't.

Breaking down the OSCE's I thought it would be a fun little game to see if I really did fail the stations I thought I did.

Station 1: CPR
My thought: 50/50
Reality: Pass (on the boundary!)

Station 2: Heart and lung sounds
My thought: fail
Reality: Pass (on the boundary!) 

Station 3: Blood Pressure
My thought: fail
Reality: fail - this was just one big mess, although my approach was good apparently.

Station 4: Blood handling
My thought: Pass
Reality: Pass! Even got the blood grouping right, hoorah!

Station 5: ECG and Pulse
My thought: fail
Reality: fail

Station 6: Spirometry
My thought: pass
Reality: pass - although apparently I cant measure a spirometry value for the life of me??

Anatomy 1: Fail
Anatomy 2: Pass (bizarre!)
Comms 1: Pass
Comms 2: Pass

Failed 3 stations out of a possible 4 I could. Doesn't look great, but i've had a lot going on and my mitigation has been accepted. There's nothing for me to do but to crack on and hope for the best with this resit.

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  1. I've been going around your blog for a good few days, enough to know that you work really hard, you got this!


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