I got a letter from my mitigation board first. They had accepted my application for mitigation for my Semester 2 exam. This was confusing, why hadn't they given me mitigation for my other exams? It turns out, it was because I'd somehow passed them.

The next e-mail came through, breakdown of scores, boundaries. A pass was 53%. I got 52%. Fortunately the breakdown of the results available later that day highlighted my weak points perfectly. Namely, anatomy and pharmacology and they made the bulk of the questions. Fair enough, I could barely remember the name of a single drug. I didn't deserve to pass and I didn't.

Breaking down the OSCE's I thought it would be a fun little game to see if I really did fail the stations I thought I did.

Station 1: CPR
My thought: 50/50
Reality: Pass (on the boundary!)

Station 2: Heart and lung sounds
My thought: fail
Reality: Pass (on the boundary!) 

Station 3: Blood Pressure
My thought: fail
Reality: fail - this was just one big mess, although my approach was good apparently.

Station 4: Blood handling
My thought: Pass
Reality: Pass! Even got the blood grouping right, hoorah!

Station 5: ECG and Pulse
My thought: fail
Reality: fail

Station 6: Spirometry
My thought: pass
Reality: pass - although apparently I cant measure a spirometry value for the life of me??

Anatomy 1: Fail
Anatomy 2: Pass (bizarre!)
Comms 1: Pass
Comms 2: Pass

Failed 3 stations out of a possible 4 I could. Doesn't look great, but i've had a lot going on and my mitigation has been accepted. There's nothing for me to do but to crack on and hope for the best with this resit.


  1. I've been going around your blog for a good few days, enough to know that you work really hard, you got this!


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