It's not how you start, it's how you finish

Easter is upon us! I have divulged a whole rabbit mmmm. (Oh calm, it was a chocolate rabbit!)

I have found it really hard to get motivated this Easter. Last Easter holidays, there I was speeding through, my timer calculating when I had done my 8 hours of revision a day. Now I'm lucky if I scrape 6.

As part of this slumped phase, 2 things.

Eric Thomas is the best motivator ever!
And, Ben Carson. I only clocked onto Ben Carson as a result of Eric Thomas mentioning Carsons' book 'Gifted Hands' in another of his speeches. It's a good read, about an inner-city, poor kid, living in detroit, who went from failing his exams, being called the 'class dummy' to becoming one of the most renowned neurosurgeons we've ever seen. Finished it over two evenings, would recommend any other wannabe medics to give it a go. I could really empathise with Ben most powerfully when he highlights the belief his Mom had in him, and how she really lay the pathway down for him.

I have secretly applied to Biomedical Science in Sheffield. I haven't told anyone, and I have no intention of taking it up, but I do want some sort of ego boost, something to tell me that I am good enough for something in this world. This year is also the first year their allowing 1st year Biomed students to transfer to Medicine providing they meet the requirements, following Newcastle's and Edinburgh.

For now, there are 6 weeks to my first exam. 12 weeks to my final A-level exams ever. On my wall calendar, I tend to highlight any holidays, any bank holidays and such. So from the date of my last a-level exam, I started highlighting, right through the summer holidays - then I realised, I didn't know when to stop highlighting. From my last-exam date onwards, there was no more school, no more term time to leave blank... it was really gutting.

Must get back to actually starting some revision.