HCA jobs, holidays, and too much moping

So over Easter there was little to report on. I came back from a debating conference with college, and was very ill on the Monday of "Mock Week" (all of our planned mock exams spread over 4 days, I only had 3!) and though even feeling better by Tuesday afternoon, I just decided I wasn't going in.

This essentially meant I had 3 weeks of Easter holidays. Now in my earlier post this April, I discussed how my revision had slumped to barely 6 hours. Sometimes 4 hours if I was unlucky. Well a few days later it actually hit 0 hours. And pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the holidays. I knew this wasn't right, what with my exams soo near now, and how important it was that I remained focused even without an offer in hand. I knew I had to buckle up, not completely blow it, but I always always lack work-life balance during revision. I got really down about it, and ended up spending a lot fo time just in my bedroom, but somewhere along the line, thanks to a great group of friends, I was back on my feet. Moral of story: give yourself at least 2 days a week to see friends, or you will end up giving up on life completely.

About these HCA jobs. I'd applied to a lot recently over Easter having not had much else to do. This first one was in Walsall, and required you to jump through a lot of hoops just to get to interview. Math/literacy assessment, and then practical assessment, and then interview, spread over different days a fortnight apart! This was my favourite location though. I have been invited to the practical assessment next.

A second one I had was in Worcestershire, and they kept it very straightforward, you would come in for an interview, complete a KS2 (at best) math/literacy test, and then you'd hear back the next day. I didn't get the job.

And I have a third on Monday, this one in Coventry. This one would be an all day thing, including some presentations, assessments and interviews throughout. This one was very well organised, and I was very impressed.

Initially, I thought these would be ridiculously hard to get, but it turns out, not. Having A-levels over-qualifies me a lot for most of these NVQ jobs having had lots of care experience too, so I was perfect candidate. Interview practise will hopefully help me lots in the future too!

And finally, I was made an offer for Biomed by Sheffield. Finally, I am good enough for something. But it's not what I want sadly, although if my results go tits up, I will surely regret declining it :(