And we're not even half a doctor

So this summer I have been travelling around east Europe which was hella fun and got the "travel itch" now where I just can't wait to go again. I went to Budapest, Prague, Vienna and Berlin. Vienna was surprisingly amazing and Berlin was just incredible. I woud go back time and time again.

I've also just been doing a lot of overtime at work to keep the cash flow going and I've been trying to keep up with the gym too. It's been a bit difficult maintaining the good routine I had implemented before I went on holiday, during and after coming back. I had been eating, supplementing and working out really well up until then and I have been a bit slow to restart again. This has been compounded by the fact that I have actually had to start doing things for medical school again. An online 4 hour induction for e.g.

Then last Friday night my new, lovely flat got burgled. Someone, just came in the dead of the night, through the window, while I slept in the next room and took my keys. Thank christ they didn't take anything else. It isn't like it wasn't available to them; it certainly was. My laptop was left out, my TV was right there but everything else was untouched. I was asleep a mere 10 metres away from where they broke in and that is probably the most distressing thing. I feel so violated. They took the car - why, is beyond me. It's on it's last legs, it's so old, i've battered it no end and my laptop alone is worth more. But there you are; some low life might get some smack for it and so be it.

I was remarkably calm throughout the whole thing. From realising my car had gone, to having to sit in my flat with my head and phone half way out the window (no signal) all day unable to leave because my keys had gone, trying to get through the "emergency" number for someone to change the locks and CSI round taking prints left, right and centre. It's not that I didn't care, I did, I do, I think I just even surprised myself at how much I just thought logically about the situation. I didn't get upset, I didn't scream and shout, I just thought shit, that's fucking annoying but i'm safe, no-one has been hurt, it could be worse.

Psychologically of course, it is a bit scarier at night. I'm on my own living there at the moment and particularly when the "emergency" number didn't call me back till 36 hours after the burglary, staying there when someone could potentially let themselves back in any second was weird. You also hear everything, after that. Every drip sound, every alarm outside, every cough upstairs. But you know what? I have been OK. And I think I just fed off the adrenaline of the whole thing. Being confronted with a hugely stressful situation, without any support, without a parent to help, without anyone telling me what to do or what needed to be done, I just got on with it. And i'm proud of myself for that. I'm proud of not letting it kill me and actually; I hope this illustrates that you know what, when I am a doctor and i'm faced with something really fucking frightening and scary, i'll be able to stay calm and just deal with it. Is this what being a grown up feels like? I feel very adult.

Year 3 starts soon. I'm quite excited but also just bewildered by what the whole thing is going to be like. Yet again we are the "guinea pig" year for some things that are going to be trialled so it is going to be considerably different from what my "medic parents" know it to be. 3 of my placements are at the MRI hospital thankfully, so location couldn't be better. One is at trafford which is a bit of an annoying commute, but as soon as I get another car, I won't have to worry about that. The other is at North Manchester; again an annoying commute but hopefully a lot better when I drive. We also found out who the other people in our groups are; I don't know a single one of my group members. I don't really mind that; it is always fun to get to know yet another group of people and just goes to show how huge our year group is. We are also getting the influx from St Andrews year group. Two of the people in my group are from St Andrews and i'm sure they will hilariously show us Manchester medics up when it comes to basic pre-clinical knowledge but there you have it.

I have also been made aware that I am doing Renal, Respiratory, General Med, General Surgery and A&E this year so got a nice range of general medical principles there. Not looking forward to A&E (would have preffered this placement later on in my degree so that I had a better handle of what is happening!) and apparently general surgery is quite sought after so I suppose that is a good thing?

Feels weird that Year 3 does start so soon and actually right now i'm not even half way to becoming a doctor!