Busy busy busy

So after a crazy up-and-down summer, I moved into my new house with the girls around mid-september. Suffice to say; I am loving it.

It makes such a nice change from halls where you're not constantly wanting to slit someone's throat because they're using the sink as their own personal storage bin and I can't even tell you just how gratifying it is to be able to come home after a long day, stick the telly on and have a gossip with your mates on the sofa. I knew I would prefer it to halls, I just didn't expect to love it so much I don't think I'll ever want to move out!

We're all pretty hard working gals too so there's no risk of being overly distracted and just sitting in front of the TV all day (although that is very easy to do I have learnt). Also I can finally wash and dry my clothes without having to top up some stupid laundry card and have to stand guard so nobody moves / steals my washing. Then it's just stuff like being able to cook for your flat mates and all get a "chippy tea" (what us lay people call fish and chips) and talk shit about the X factor. And if we wanna stumble in at 5am, have a mini after party / sleep over / gathering then we fucking can and it's wicked.

I've also been a medic parent this year and I can't even begin to exclaim just how brilliant it is. I was a little bit worried at first whether this was something I really wanted to do, do I have the time for it, am I really going to commit to this extent...? But then having met my wonderful, outgoing, happy 10 kids I realise I am incredibly lucky to have the PBL family that I do and I hope they'll let me grandparent their children too. I've had an incredible freshers which blew last years out the water and I probably wouldn't have had such a cracking start had it not been for this fantastic family.

In other news Semester 3 is hard. A ridiculous amount of volume and double the amount of anatomy we had last year (which if you'll all remember was indeed, the bane of mine everyone elses life) and even though I feel a lot more satisfied that I actually know what I need to do and how PBL and everything works, the sheer volume is scary.

My approach to this year has been pretty much anatomy focused though. Last year I failed one of my anatomy stations, was absolutely petrified of the subject and dreaded every single session. This year; that will not be happening. I think I've come to realise that anatomy just isn't something you can catch up on. If you miss the dissection, then that's it, you'll have to wait till revision sessions to try and see them again. Whereas PBL there is a little bit more leeway; you've got the ILO's, the learning agenda, the lectures, the podcasts - the worst case scenario, you end up having to revisit the lot when it comes to revision.

Following on from that, because of my massively increased efforts in anatomy, I really feel like I am reaping the rewards. Last year I definitely felt embarrassed and a bit sick to my stomach thinking of when the demonstrators would ask me a question and I would stare blankly into the air pretending it had just "slipped my mind". This year, I've covered anatomy so thoroughly that I am so much more interested in what they're saying, I have so many more questions and I can hazard an educated guess at the answer if i'm not entirely sure. Sometimes when I have a good anatomy session and I've understood everything, I just feel like i've got a massive kick out of something. In many ways I would rather spend my weekend revising anatomy so that on a Monday morning I can come out of that session thinking, fuck, yeah, I smashed it.

Updating this blog has unfortunately been pushed to the bottom of my priority list as I endeavor to complete and hopefully pass what is notoriously the hardest semester in our medical school so please bare with me!

Oh and also - not fair, not safe. Fuck you Jezza Hunt.