turn shit around

I read back on my last post and saw how negatively I ended it. That's not an accurate depiction I promise, just a bad evening!

We've had my second clinical week (thank god) which is a week where you spend time on your portfolio and attend hospitals / GP clinics once or twice in the week. The idea is to get you used to speaking to patients and ease you into it... but after spending a year in a hospital, as a HCA, making light conversation while log rolling a patient as you desperately try to save the incontinence pad you've placed underneath them - I am 100% in my comfort zone. Praise the lord that I feel confident in something.

In reality this clinical week is actually catching up on the previous weeks work that you've had to skip because you've just not had the time to cover it. Clinical weeks are the times to get your shit together, fill in the blanks, file your stuff away and try to keep positive about the next 4 weeks not being quite so much information.

Anatomy is my least favourite part of the course. I think it's taught OK depending on who your tutor is but it's a difficult thing to learn anyway. It's very time consuming to do it properly, it's tiresome and can feel unrewarding. So far I've just been trying to scrape through the weeks. Regardless, I have to start doing it properly and fully from now.... I can't afford not to!

Clinical / Communication skills are weekly and is always fun. I love it, you sometimes use simulated patients (for about 6 weeks I've been calling them stimulated patients up until my medic mom reminded me haha).

Lectures are lucky dip. Depends who you get and what it's on. 6hours / week.

PBL sessions are fine 2-3 hours / week, better if you have a good group, even better if you have a decent tutor who doesn't digress at every opportunity and just loves the sound of their  own voice (bitter? me?)

Actually learning medicine is awesome. It's exhilarating to put together how what you're learning might be relevant to what you're treating. It's mind blowing how amazing the body works and it's incredibly fun to understand. I still feel very blessed to be here.

The city is amazing. I love it - would go as far as preferring it to London. There is so much going on here and even though it's smaller, that just means it's easier and cheaper. Who knows, may be i'll be sick of it in 5 years but I am chuffed.