A letter to those getting results tomorrow,

Dear 18-year-old medic wannabe's:

I hope you get the results you wanted, I hope you made your offer - and if not, I hope you manage to work your way in anyway (I know a couple of people who missed their grades a mile off and have finished their first year!). I hope it goes the way you planned.

For many of you though, it won't. Some of you don't have offers but are still pissy because you got the grades, some of you won't make the grades either, some of you with the offers miss the grades. It will be a long and emotional day  and you will have to make some pretty serious decisions if you haven't already got your mind set on them.

Regardless - I want you guys, the fighters, the ones that really wanted it badly, the one's who the grades didn't just come to, to know that if you really want it, you will get it. It might take a little longer than planned, it might no be where you planned but if you can give up enough - and you know it's all you want to do and won't stop trying till you do, you're going to get there anyway. So say it isn't the greatest day of your life tomorrow? Keep your chin up, get blind drunk, hide under the duvet for a month - whatever floats your boat: your day will come. Might as well enjoy your time, stay motivated and keep working towards it till it does.

Everything is going to be all right.


  1. Not sure if you were planning on, but you should definitely keep doing this blog during uni!

    1. I would like too but then i've come across a number of blogs which were very well documented throughout their gap year and then abruptly came to a halt as they began medical school.
      The main concerns for me are the lack of anonymity. I committed to saying where I would be attending medical school in the knowledge that in a way I feel like I have a duty to portray the very real issues that students face at the institution but I felt it would be unfair to portray all institutions like that. If I am unable to keep my identity hidden though it could make selecting subject matters very difficult. It's much harder to write something unbiased when you know who is reading it.
      There is also a lot of GMC guidance out there now but if anything it makes it all a bit more confusing. If anyone has advice on this, i'd be interested in hearing it.


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