Turning 19, shit off duty, 3 months to go

Turned 19 this week WAHEY! Sadly, this wasn't the big all-nighter party I desperately wanted for 2 reasons:
a) a lot of my friends are still finishing off their Uni exams and so aren't even in the city
b) the 2 days I strongly requested off to celebrate, they booked me for 3 nights in a row

I kicked up a little bit of a fuss and the sister did do everything she could to apologise and see if there was a reasonable way to rectify the situation but alas, there was none and tbh she really did try so I can't complain too much.

Now - everybody and anybody knows night shifts aren't my favourite. I don't mind having to do my fair share, every couple of weeks or so that's fine I get it - I mean you have to cover them somehow right? Then these past 4 weeks have been a little on the difficult side because I've had at least 1 night shift every week and 8 nights all together, which has been a struggle but bearable in the hope that the next off-duty will be better. So imagine my horror when this happens:

Do I look like permanent night staff to you?? 12 nights over 4 weeks??? She also has the cheek to write down next to those shifts that they were "requested". Let me assure you, I most definitely did not and do not request nights. Some of the girls have requested all nights for this period as it's Ramadan - my thoughts being she might have gotten me mixed up with one of them, particularly as our names are right next to each other on the off-duty. I mention this to her, she says she's 100% positive that isn't the case and that I did request them. I print off my requested dates (it's stored on a central system) and show her. The basic response was, 'Well, there's nothing I can do now. I put you down for them so unless you can swap them you're a little stuck...'. Fucking hell. An apology, admitting to making a mistake and at least looking into it would go a long long way than the "tough shit, suck it up," attitude I got. It's worth mentioning I have never really gotten on well with this Sister.

In other news, I booked flights to Morocco for 3 weeks (from Mid-Aug), not telling anyone. When I finally did break it to my mom that yes, I will be flying to Africa, yes I will be on my own and yes it is for more than 48 hours she went ape shit. I mean she won't even staying in the same room as me right now. She is piiiiiiiiiiiissssssed.

Even still, I keep thinking may be 3 weeks is an awful long time for 1 country even if I am travelling up and down it. May be... may be I should cut it short, say 10 days....and fly somewhere European....Barcelona...Portugal!!...No wait...AMSTERDAM. But you know, may be I should let my mom come to terms with one thing, before I drop a bomb shell declaring "I think i'll just pop over to the drug and prostitution capital before returning home..."

Which brings me swiftly to the September countdown. Freshers week begins on 15th, but I am saying any time in September means I am basically there. There's still so much stuff I need to sort out. The only thing I have bought are bed linen (just the sweetest thing to buy) and some Muji clothes drawers....


  1. Just had a look at your July work schedule. I feel for you! But once you have done them all, you'll have that awesome feeling of relief so don't feel too down about it! I've got 2 '3 rows of night shifts' coming up and I can really sympathise!!! Gargh! Yeah, some of the charged nurses/sisters can be absolute ****, but one day, you'll be the one telling THEM what to do!
    Good luck girl! It'll be fine. When you're bored witless during the shift, just think how awesome Manchester will be come September. I do the same thing with Sheffield, it cheers me up a little when I just want to doze off haha.

    Enjoy your trip to AFRICA!! If I could only see your mother's face hahaha
    I've got a night shift tomorrow so I should probably go to bed now *grumpy face*

    Frogs r everywhere ;) (TSR buddy)

    1. It's shit isn't it? Finally after speaking to the 5th sister I could find, I managed to get some dates changed. Funnily enough, right after this they put the last 2 weeks of July off-duty out and lo' and behold, i'm on nights...AGAIN. It's a bit,1 step forward, 1 step back -.-

      Ah you're going to Sheffield?? How amazing. If you read this often, you'll know I was dying to go there!!! I may even bump into you considering i'm always out on the town there.

      WELL - plans have been rejigged and cancelled a little after finally coming to a compromise with my mom.... watch this space!

      OH BABE have a lie in!


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