The Interview

I'm obviously very limited in what I can say about the MMI interview I've had at Manchester University - but I felt a lot more positive than after my Liverpool one last year. I think MMI definitely suits me better and I even begun to really enjoy it by the end. There were some eyebrow raising moments as some stations were not what I expected but all in all - I have my fingers crossed and haven't given up all hope.

It turns out re-applicants aren't as rare as I thought either. Out of the 7 in my group, another 2 where also reapplicants... one of them had a jaw-dropping UKCAT of 850. I decided not to mention my score...

Leeds University have been messing me around from day one. I love the University, I think it's a wicked course and I am truly gutted that I will not be attending there come September. I haven't been rejected yet, but it is impending as I am apparently in the 7th decile (bottom 30%) for my academics and top 30% for my UKCAT.

So - how am I in the bottom 30% when I have achieved A-levels of AAAa? Well apparently, becau -  I didn't declare my AS results which are now straight A's, they decided they were base their academic assessment on my GCSE's. And mine aren't great (clearly). Surely I knew they would do this, had I researched the institution properly? Well, since you ask - I have various e-mails and correspondences from the university agreeing that "Yes, you would score full points in the A-level section having already attained the required grades." - according to Pat Harkin, I misunderstood that e-mail. According to him, the "A-level section" isn't the same as the academic section, and it is all my fault despite my initial e-mail reading: "Do I get full academic points having cashed in achieved AAAa grades at A-level?".

So. I'm in the bottom 30%. They're only interviewing you on the basis that your average decile (with more weight being placed on the academic - hurrah, not.) is in the top 30%.
So they'll be rejecting me on the basis that I achieved my A-levels, and decided not to write down my "half-way grade" if you like. They'll also be rejecting me on the basis they gave me false information in my correspondence to them. I specifically asked about my cashing in AAAa grades and not AS grades.

Does Pat not realise how completely stupid this is? Leeds are rejecting arguably their best applicants. The most committed, the unconditional offers the one's working as healthcare assistants to try and make it.

And to the optimists that are all "But they haven't rejected you just yet, there's still hope!!" - I could literally hit you with my arse cheek. Get, fucking, real.

Anyway, enough of that negativity - I had a, hopefully, great interview at Manchester, I won't hear back till end of January and I hope to every God up there, that someone else will give me an interview too.

Fingers crossed.


  1. Well if a uni's going to screw around their admissions process and potential students that much then bloody hell - just screw 'em. Totally not worth it. It's been fabulous to hear some positive things about your manch interview, fingers crossed for you and I'm sure you will make it this time. Just keep looking ahead past all the shit like you have done and you will get there! Looking forward to reading more! :)

    1. Absolutely. Have you been following the chaos that ensued this year? Bloody joke. Love Leeds, but hate Leeds.

      Thanks for reading, always wicked getting some positive feedback... keep writing your blog too!!



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